Almost there

What a fabulous weekend we have just had, so hot for a change.  I went to our caravan with one of my sons and we had a fab time in the Lake District.  This is a picture from the van early Saturday morning.What a view, and we very often get the RAF fighters practicing over Continue reading »

Got a WWW

OMG I think I’ve sussed it and managed to create a web site.  I’m still adding things to it, but it looks like its up and running.  So pleased with my little self.It is by no means finished yet but at least its on its way there.  And with no help from the teenage occupants Continue reading »


Well it’s finished, what do you think, it’s the first serious project on my new frame, which is a lot different to the last but I am loving it.  Things can only get better from now on. Couldn’t quite get it all in and get the details in, hope you can see it all right. Continue reading »