Almost there

What a fabulous weekend we have just had, so hot for a change.  I went to our caravan with one of my sons and we had a fab time in the Lake District.  This is a picture from the van early Saturday morning.
What a view, and we very often get the RAF fighters practicing over head, and they are a fabulousness sight, particularly when the Red Arrows are getting ready for a show.
In other news……
I have been busy trying to finish a few more of the Linus quilts that I seem to have adopted, only one more to go now, I think I will have to check the bags next time.  I thought the bags had backing in with the tops….. No just another top or two. Anyway here is one of them that I found in a bag.
These  would  be a lot easier to do if the panels were printed straight and with even borders,  I can see why it was donated.  However, I have sorted it out.  Each animal and boat etc has been outline stitched and the background filled in.

It looks quite sweet now

Anyway this one and another very similar one is of the frame now and ready to have the binding finished by hand.
When I was at the quilting retreat recently I promised Joy that I would do a couple of post cards for her with cats on, so Joy, just for you, I have stared these and when they are finished I will send them with the Linus quilts.  

These will get finished tomorrow and it will be putting their big brother on for another eye boggling session of pebbling.  I will let you know how far I get.  Till then…. 

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