Well it’s finished, what do you think, it’s the first serious project on my new frame, which is a lot different to the last but I am loving it.  Things can only get better from now on. Couldn’t quite get it all in and get the details in, hope you can see it all right. Continue reading »

All most ready

This one is on the machine at the moment. Unfortunately the photos I took haven’t turned out well as the stitching isn’t showing up too good, sorry.  However it should be off the machine tomorrow and then I will be able to get better pictures in better light. It’s taken more time than I expected, Continue reading »

Good idea!!

As the weather was good I thought it would be a good idea to finish what I started last week and finish jet washing the decking and patio.  Well I thought it was a good idea at the time, but I had forgotten how much mess it can make before it begins to look better. Continue reading »

So little time

Where have the last two days  gone!  Went to a class Friday morning, then lunch with a friend and finally to the studio where I sorted some things out and got the backing ready to go for the next one.  So first up on Monday is this one.Going to do a lot of different styles Continue reading »

Nearly there!

Have been moving more stuff into the studio and trying to get a working environment sorted out. Didn’t know how much stuff I had in the house, where did it all fit!!! Still it’s looking a bit better at home now, can walk round the conservatory and dinning room without tripping over anything Ha haThis Continue reading »

Brand new toy

I have today taken delivery of my brand new toy, a Handi Quilter Avante 18 and can’t wait to start using it. It gives me so much more space and control its brill.  Its sitting there in my new studio waiting until tomorrow when I can get stuck in properly, then I will have some Continue reading »