Sample quilt 1

Yesterday I managed to finish off the first of the sample quilts that will be going into local stores that are going to promote my service to their customers.  You have already seen a couple of the mock blocks but here is the finished article, well apart from the binding that is.The lighting is not Continue reading »

Block 2

Just a quick post tonight to show you the progress with the sample quilt. This is block number 2Block number 3 is just a sample of clamshell designs and fills so a bit boring compared, but is needed to show how things can be adapted and used. Back at it tomorrow and I hope to Continue reading »

Green update

I thought I would show you the progress so far.  I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I wanted to at the studio recently, and have a lot of things other than quilting booked in this week.  However, every little helps. As you can see I have finished the feathering on the Continue reading »