Almost done

I haven’t been able to get into the studio as much as I would have liked this week but I am nearly at the end of the green one now.  

In the diamond shape I first put another batch of feathers, but after thinking about it and looking at it over a couple of days I wasn’t happy with it.  I decided that it squashed it down to much and the feathers didn’t show enough from the front.

From the back it looked fine but I still thought it was a bit …. cramped.  

So, after spending a few minutes putting them in, I spent a few hours on Friday ripping them out.! But that is what happens sometimes.  It very often looks OK when you are planning it, but sometimes the fabric, pattern and wadding thinks differently.  

So back to the drawing board, literally.  I have a piece of perspex that I can put on top of the quilt and draw on with a dry-wipe pen so that I can change my mind as often as I like.  In the end I decided to make it more simple and on the lines of the small squares.

 I have tried to get a good photo of it here, but it is still on the frame so its a bit of a struggle, however I think you can see the pattern in the diamond more now than you could with the feathers.

So that was the main part of the quilt finished.  Just the borders now.  I do not want to make them too complicated so I have cross hatched the first border, and the second, as it is only 1″ wide, is staying as it is.  The outer border will be piano keyed tomorrow.  This is a shot of the back and I think you will agree, it looks a lot better now without the feathers.
I am having problems with my phone at the moment, it won’t send e-mails, so this photo has been sent to my facebook account and then copied from there so it is not a high resolution one. (sorry forgot camera.. doh) So tomorrow I will take my camera and get a better shot of it for you, and it will have the piano keys done and you can see it off the frame.

Until tomorrow,  keep stitching 🙂

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