Green update

I thought I would show you the progress so far.  I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I wanted to at the studio recently, and have a lot of things other than quilting booked in this week.  However, every little helps.

As you can see I have finished the feathering on the white areas and now I am starting on the green areas.

I was able to do a few of the small green squares but the lighting I had didn’t really show it up very well, so with a bit of acrobatics I was able to get a shot from underneath that show the few I have managed so far. 

Tomorrow I will finish these off and start on the diamond shapes where I will be putting a few more feathers.  Not quite sure what I am going to do on the borders yet though.  I have a few ideas but will  draw them out first and see what I think before I start them.  

I will take pictures again for you so that you can see my thought processes.

Till then.  Take care and have fun with your quilting.

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