Sample quilt 1

Yesterday I managed to finish off the first of the sample quilts that will be going into local stores that are going to promote my service to their customers.  You have already seen a couple of the mock blocks but here is the finished article, well apart from the binding that is.

The lighting is not as good as I had hoped, and I keep saying that I know.  I think I will have to have a climb into the loft and get out the light reflector to see if that makes a difference.

I enjoyed doing this one, I have two more to do and I also have a few customer quilts to do but I hope soon to be able to do a whole cloth that will be just for me.  I have a couple of patterns for them but I also have a few ideas of my own so might try and do a bit of a mish-mash of them all and see what happens.

I am a bit busy tomorrow and at the weekend but should be back with you on Monday.  On Tuesday I am going to be at The Place, Damm Street, Litchfield collecting customer quilts so if you want to come and see me and drop in for advice, please contact them to make arrangements.  This is a link to their website, and if you are in the area any time, drop in, they have a fantastic selection of fabrics to choose from, plus loads of other stuff.  Tell them I sent you. 😉

Till next time, happy stitchin  

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