So little time

Where have the last two days  gone!  Went to a class Friday morning, then lunch with a friend and finally to the studio where I sorted some things out and got the backing ready to go for the next one.  So first up on Monday is this one.

Going to do a lot of different styles on it and some ruler work.

Today I’ve been working on my sons quilt called Trail Mix from Quiltmakers 100 blocks.  This has nearly 900 pieces to cut out and then start stitching, trimming and more stitching.  Got all the cutting out done today and started some of the stitching and marking up ready to do more stitching tomorrow.  By then my rotary cutting hand may have recovered somewhat, hopefully

Quite a pile…. and more at the back of the machine.

Will give you a sneak peak of how I’m getting on with it soon.

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