Nearly there!

Have been moving more stuff into the studio and trying to get a working environment sorted out. Didn’t know how much stuff I had in the house, where did it all fit!!! Still it’s looking a bit better at home now, can walk round the conservatory and dinning room without tripping over anything Ha ha

This is the studio so far

How the heck did this lot fit into the house.??
There are five racks of fabric along the left wall and a book shelf full of more bolts of fabric, and some still at home yet to bring in. I have to bring in all my dressmaking patterns, books, and loads of notions yet but will get there.. oh and all the leather I have for my bags!

These are a few of the quilts I have lined up ready to get to work on and another in the process of being put together.

And this is a little bit of playtime to make sure the new machine is working properly.  Can’t wait to start on the quilts above and will keep you posted on how they come on and what they look like at the end.

Till next time then.

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