Ships a sailing

The next Linus quilt has gone on the frame and off again today. 

I don’t know who made this one or how long they had it for but it has certainly been through the wars. It needed a bit of TLC before I put it on there and will need more when I have finished binding it.  I think it had a fight with some coffee or similar and lost as it has marks all over it and a few black marks where it’s been rubbed against something else.  

However I have used a very nice Rainbows thread called Spring Fling and a nice pantograph and its looking a lot better already.  The threads colours are nice and bright and just right for a child’s quilt. It will look even better when it’s had a wash.  

It will have its binding finished over the weekend, have a wash and then be sent on its way back to Joy at the Cotton Patch for distribution.

I am now trying to finish of my sons quilt and will hopefully be able to make good progress with it over the weekend .  Till then, keep stitching.

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