Learning something new

I am today on my way to a  4 day course on which I hope I am going to learn lots of new techniques that I can bring back to the quilts I am doing now.  The tutor is a lady who has been quilting for a good number of years and I intend to ‘picks her brains’ for all sorts if info and tips. 

At home I have one son who has the run of the house for the week that I am away, although under strict instructions as to what he cannot do!! And one son who has just flown out to America for his first trip on a plane to see his girlfriend. Long flight and a long journey when he landed so he will probably be asleep for the first full day there.  Hope he has a fab time. 

The next quilt is on the machine and I’m about half way through it. Not had as much time to spend on it as I hoped but will finish it when I get back. Forgot to download the photos I have so far but will post them when I get back. 

Will let you know how the course is going, take care until then.

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