Look what we’ve done

What a fabulous time we had last week with our tutor Nanc, who was brilliant and such a laugh.  We all had a play with the machines there, practicing the quilting patterns we’d had demonstrated, and playing with the rulers. These are a couple of pictures of my practice quilting.
This is a great all over pattern and can be done larger or smaller dependent on the effect required.

This one is another all over pattern that can be made bigger or smaller.  Deborah and I had fun with this one as she saw a number of different birds and animals in it.  Can you see them as well?

This one is done with a heavy thread and really stands out.  Its a great thread if you are wanting to make a bit of a statement with the quilting.

This is a feather in feather sort of design, this is the first one I tried and I have to say it took some thinking about, but I love the effect and a bit more practice with this one and it will soon be appearing in my quilts.

As well as a great time and new friendships, I also managed to come away with a number of Linus quilt tops to do for Joy.  Not quite sure why I seem to have ended up with so many compared to the others, but they are good to practice new techniques on, and they then go to a good cause.  I will have them done for you as soon as I can Joy.

I am hoping to complete the one that I have on the machine by tomorrow, got a lot of micro stitching to do first and complete the borders, so if it gets done I will post you pictures.  Till then…..

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