Linus quilt

Not quite sure how it happened but I seem to have walked away from the course at the Cotton Patch with more Linus quilts to do than everyone else. Always seems to happen to me.  However after a few running repairs to make sue the centres of the flowers are stitched on and not just Continue reading »

Got a WWW

OMG I think I’ve sussed it and managed to create a web site.  I’m still adding things to it, but it looks like its up and running.  So pleased with my little self.It is by no means finished yet but at least its on its way there.  And with no help from the teenage occupants Continue reading »


Well it’s finished, what do you think, it’s the first serious project on my new frame, which is a lot different to the last but I am loving it.  Things can only get better from now on. Couldn’t quite get it all in and get the details in, hope you can see it all right. Continue reading »

All most ready

This one is on the machine at the moment. Unfortunately the photos I took haven’t turned out well as the stitching isn’t showing up too good, sorry.  However it should be off the machine tomorrow and then I will be able to get better pictures in better light. It’s taken more time than I expected, Continue reading »

Good idea!!

As the weather was good I thought it would be a good idea to finish what I started last week and finish jet washing the decking and patio.  Well I thought it was a good idea at the time, but I had forgotten how much mess it can make before it begins to look better. Continue reading »