pink The pink quilt has been collected and gone ready to be taken to its new home.  Before it went though I couldn’t resist putting a bit of bling on it and so added a few Swarovski crystals on it, Pink of course.  Well it was for Breast Cancer and we girls love a bit of bling don’t we. I think Lynda liked what I had done as I received a bottle of champagne and chocolates  (someone has been letting my secret ‘likes’ out) and a lovely thank you card. This is what Lynda put on facebook when she got home. “Just picked up a quilt from the long arm quilter. What a transformation from the scrap of pink and white stuff I took down, to the fabulous work of art which has been returned to me. Thank you to Lynda Jackson of Capricorn Quilting, you are an amazing person! This has been made for a breast cancer charity and will be raffled to raise funds.” I think she liked it.   Glad the work is appreciated and it is all in a good cause and I hope it raises a lot of money. Next on already on the frame, might let you have a sneak peak next week. Till then, Happy Quilting

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