A Tiny Bit Wonky

I hope you all had a great New Year, and now its back into the fray for us all.  I have visited a couple of suppliers and despite the fact that I said I was going to be good and not buy a lot, I am afraid I did.  Quite a lot of it is for children and babies as I have a few special ones to make.  The rest of it I am afraid is purely for me, well, for my pleasure that is.  I have plans to make a few that I may put up for sale when completed.  

For now though I have to show you the one on the frame at the moment.  It is a mystery quilt, i.e. I don’t know who did it as it has been donated for charity, but it has its problems poor thing. 

It is to say the least a bit wonky.  Not all of the seams meet where they should, some have funny bits at the side, and in places it is trying to be a small parachute. Not all the blocks are the same size either, but there is not a lot I can do about that bit.

Wonky and interesting sides, see the wobbly
way it hangs. 
The body is wavy and part parachute.
So I am going to have to work some magic on this one to take the eyes away from the ‘design’ elements of it.  

The good news about this though is that I can use a variety of different stitches and fillings to make it beautiful.  

The first block is done and is looking better already. Feathers tend to make everything look better I think, gives it a little bit of something scrummy.  

There will be a few more of these to go on the rest of the quilt before I have finished with it, but maybe not of the same style or shape as I want to mix it up a little.  

I will keep you all updated on how it is getting along.  I am busy on Monday, but after that it is back into the studio and on with it.  Till then, take care.  

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