Wonky part 2

Well, I have finished two rows of the wonky parachute so far, and although I can’t do much about the fact that the blocks are not all the same size, and the piecing is a little funky, I can do my best with the other wobbly bits and the parachute thing that seems to be happening in places.

So here is the progress so far.

Block Two

Block 3

Parachute effect row 2

Pinned down

Ha…  Gotcha tamed

Funky shaped sides
It is not going to be perfect as there is always a limited amount of magic that can be worked, but it will look a lot more impressive when its done than it did to start off with.  I love a challenge, it is so satisfying when it turns out right.  It sometimes makes your brain hurt trying to work out what and how to do it, but it keeps the little grey cells working 😉

I have almost completed the third row so only one more to do after that so should be finished tomorrow and I will show you the finished product then.  Until then, take care.

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