Swirly quilt

Well everything was going so well this weekend, until yesterday.  You know when you get that little itch inside your nose, and then that odd feeling of soreness at the back of the throat.  As intermittent as they are, they get more and more frequen,t and then you know, you just know, that tomorrow you are going to be stuffed up, sneezing and using a box of Kleenex every two minutes!  Well I was right.  After waking up every hour trying to breath I finally got up with a horrible cold.  Just what I needed, but at least I might be done with them for Xmas day, which would make a change for the last many years.  Caught it off my eldest this time.  Yuk.  
However, one must carry on mustn’t one.  So into the studio I went and I put my youngest sons quilt on the frame ready to do.  He doesn’t want it to be heavily quilted as he wants it to be ‘snuggly’.

Here it is on the frame, started the stitch in the ditch ready to put a filling of some sort in each swirly bit.
Got a few ideas as to what is going to go in each, but will make up my mind when the ditching is done.  I am using So Fine for the ditching and will be using a Magnifico for the decorative stitching.  Will keep you posted as to how things are going.  Hoping the cold will be a bit better tomorrow.  Might have to have a hot orange and whisky and a couple of tablets.  Always worked for the husband!!!

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