Fairy dance

Thought you might like to see the next quilt on the frame.  This is a customer quilt with a series of fairy panels included in it.  I love the colours, and although the picture shows it right at the top, you get a good idea of it. I will be posting more pictures soon as I get further down it but thought you might like a sneak peek for now.  I am not going to put any heavy quilting on this one as I don’t want to detract from the lovely fabrics but there will be a few feathers in there. 

Its getting very near to Christmas now and I can’t believe how quickly time is passing.  It doesn’t seem two minutes since this time last year.  I am heavily involved in a sports and social club and we are planning 3 large parties which all last about 3 hours, and this time they are running for three days all together instead of over a two week period.  It’s gonna be a lot of work again, running around after not just the kids, but the parents that come with them.  Yet for some strange reason myself and all the other helpers love it! I think I might have to seek professional help 🙂

Hopefully I will have more photos for you tomorrow, until then

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