Show buys

The Festival of Quilts is on this week, as many of you will know, and many of you will probably have been to.  I met up with many friends and had a good old gossip with them.  I did quite well as I walked around the myriad of stalls with oodles of fabulous fabrics on them.  Hundreds of patterns and colours called to me from every corner and every aisle. Reel after shimmering reel of lustrous and metalic threads winked at me as I tried not to look.  I had gone for specifics and specifics were what I was going to buy.  Or so I thought!  The trouble with these shows are, that you never really know what you want  need until you see it.  So a few things did manage to sneak into my bag that I wasn’t really there for, but the rest I can honestly say I went there to buy.

Now I know you can see a lot of threads there, but they were on order already from my good friend Martha at before the show.  Honest.  They are Superior threads and I love working with them.
I was disappointed that many of the well know long arm manufacturers didn’t bother to bring any rulers or pantographs to use with the longarms.  The Cotton Patch did, but I have already raided them and only found a couple of pantographs that I wanted.  It looks like I am going to have to resort to the internet and pay through the nose to have them sent over from America.

I am not supposed to be going back to the studio until Monday but I might have to nip through tomorrow to start having a play with some of my new things

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