Busy Busy Busy

Since visiting the NEC last week I have been trying to catch up a little, and yesterday a friend tried to help me improve my website a bit.  Now, this lady is usually very good at things like this and so we set too and tried to change the background surrounding the main part of the information.  We tried a variety of things, but as these this kind of thing does not come with instructions it meant a lot of trial and error.  Mainly error I have to say. After numerous attempts we just had to give in.  The good news is, she has now given herself a project to try and find out more info and then we will give it another go.  I feel so much better now as it took me ages to get it as far as it is now.  I can’t be as bad as I thought I was!!

One thing I did manage to do was the back of the cushion I started last week.

Today I have been a busy bee and managed to do quite a bit.  Where shall I start – erm, the cushion I suppose.  I have trimmed both sides now and put a zip in and sewn it all up and here is the finished result.

This will be going to one of the shops that have agreed to recommend me to their customers who are looking for a longarm quilter.

After this, or rather in-between doing this I had a machine rattling away on an embroidery.  I have in the past done a whole quilt with this, but it had a white background and this time I wanted to do one at the opposite end, so I used black.
This is just off the machine, its a Jenny Haskins’s design and I think it looks good.  I’m not sure how many of the panels I am going to do eventually, as the original quilt is very large.  This may end up as a cushion or as a small(ish) lap quilt, not sure yet but I will keep you updated.

This one had been embroidered for a while but today I decided to alter it slightly so I cut into it and gave it a black border and put the corners back on.  I think it looks good.  So this one is now on the quilter and will be done tomorrow when I have had a think about what to put where.  Although I keep thinking I might just add another black border, so I will have to take it off again and add them.  I will decide in the morning.

As if all this wasn’t enough I have also adjusted a pattern for a small children’s dress for my aunt.

And last but not least I put this one together as well.  Looks a bit washed out on here, it looks a lot better in the flesh so to speak.  This one will go on after the black and white one.

Phew, I think that’s it.  What a day……

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