Black and white

Okay, a quick catch up.  So in my last post I showed you a black and white cushion cover which was on the frame ready to quilt.  Since then I have done the front and the back, put the zip in and completed it.  It is now washed and ready to go.
Here are the photos of it.
This is the front.

This is the back.  It has a number of filler stitches on it as it is going to a shop to show potential customers a sample of what they can have on their quilts.

The lighting isn’t that good on either of these. I will have to sort something out in the studio so that its not quite as yellow.

The next one up is the black one with the coloured squares on it.  I am trying to sort out which pattern to put on it.  I have a number of designs drawn out but can’t make my mind up which one to choose at the moment.  I will keep you posted

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