Enchantment at Midnight

Well the hexagon quilt has been collected and the customer was really pleased with it and is going to show and tell all her friends at the quilting club.  So glad she liked it.

The next one on the frame was one you may have seen in Popular Patchwork called Enchantment at Midnight.  I am doing this one for a relative who has a patchwork fabric shop and wanted to have it displayed in the store.

Before quilting

If you have seen the article you will see that it said to stitch in the ditch and then free motion around the main design lines in the prints.  However on the photos there were more straight lines than anything else, although the photo did not show the quilting well.

I decided that it warranted more than straight lines and set to making it into a more of a scene.  So there are a number of various fills included.  I have used silver and gold threads in places to make it appear as though the moon light is catching the sweeping fronds blowing in a light breeze.  The moon is quilted in gold to represent the moon on a clear night.  It also has stars in the sky.

Unfortunately the metalics are not showing up very well, so here is a shot of the back that gives you a good idea of just how the front looks.

Hope you like it.

The other big news is that I am now the UK supplier of BlueLineEraser.  This is a great product and I have given a link to the original site. http://www.bluelineeraser.com/

 It removes the blue lines that we use to mark out quilts and crafts without the need to soak it in water.  I have the kits which consist of the spay bottle, an erasable marker pen  and a 
re-fillable eraser pen.  The cost of this is £17.00.

and I have an 8oz spray bottle of eraser which costs £7.50. Both plus P&P.
If you are interested in any of these, please contact me at Capricornquilting@gmail.com and I can send it out to you.

Till the next time, stay safe and keep on quilting.

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