New wadding

This one is made with two different patterned green fabrics, which you can’t see as well as I had hoped on here.  I used the disappearing pin wheel pattern which gives a different look every time you turn the block and I quite liked this pattern. I quite enjoyed making it up and will be doing another but putting the blocks together in a different way next time.

It is now on the frame and I am trying out a new wadding with it.  The wadding is a polyester one and is 1/4″ thick, which in its self is not unusual.  However this one is very dense unlike some I have used before. This is giving the quilting a lovely ‘puffy’ effect, but is not that easy to work with when doing the ruler work.  I have to keep checking that the ruler is right up against the foot and not the ankle where it often stops until I have squashed it down and eased the ruler in there.  Usually the feel of it connecting with the foot is enough, but not with this one.

I will try and get some photos to show you exactly what I mean with this and show you how far I have got with it.  I am currently ditching around all the white and then intend to put beautiful feathers in there.  Not quite sure what I am going to do on the greens yet as I want the white to be the main feature of it.  So stay tuned to see what happens.

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