Little leather number

Today I had a little time to have a play before I went to meet a friend for lunch.  I had a new sweatshirt that I wanted to put the company name on so I set up the embroider machine and got to work and went out to lunch wearing it.  (that is why it is a bit creased – sorry)

Whilst that was embroidering I though I would have a little play.  I have seen on a couple of American blogs that they have been quilting on leather so I though I would give it a go.  I have quite a bit so I selected a small skin and cut a small amount from it just to have a go on it.

There were a few tension problems to begin with as the leather tends to grab the thread but after a short while I got it sussed and then began to enjoy myself.

This is what it looked like on the frame

This is one side,

This is the other

I loved playing with it, it is so different to fabric as you get an immediate effect of the fullness created due to the sheen on the leather.  

I decided to make it into something and as I had just bought myself a Kobo I decided to make it into a new cover for it.  So back to the machine I went and here it is.

I love it, and for the first time with leather I think its kinda cool, don’t you.  

See you soon.

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