Twins – well almost

I had two lovely ladies visit me last week who brought along the quilts they have been working on in a class held not to far away from my home.  They have been working on them for a while but now they are finished and wanted them quilting on the long arm as they couldn’t face putting them through their domestic machines. Having done that a lot before I got the Avante I can understand that, and know just why I bought it and love it so much.

One of the quilts is made with cotton fabrics, the other is a mixture of different fabrics and fibers, and although they are both the same pattern they both look so different.  It never ceases to amaze my how different the same quilt can look in different colours.  The two quilts in purple and green in my earlier post’s show this well.

Here is the first one to go on the frame.
And here it is fresh of the frame.

Both ladies wanted the same thread, Superior Magnifico 2173 and the same pantograph.  
Here is quilt number 2 on the frame
And here it is fresh off the frame

I think they both look great and as I said before, the same but different.  Here they are together.
A grand looking pair.  

They are ready for trimming and binding now, and the proud owners will be collecting them very shortly.  They have already started the next ones.  I wonder what they will be like.

I have just placed and order for a lot more threads and I also have a large number of rulers and shapes coming in soon.  Friends of mine recently went to the big show in Houston and kindly brought them all back for me so when they land, watch this space as I will let you have a peak at them and I will make a few samples up and put them on here as well.  In the mean time, onto the next one…..

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