What a fabulous weekend away with lots of friends. Now, Belgium is the home of Beer and Chocolate, and, well, it would be rude not to sample as many as possible whilst over there wouldn’t it, and we didn’t want to upset anyone as we want to go back next year.
We stayed in Leuven which is home to many beautiful buildings which have to be admired, not just for their looks but for the incredible amount of work and skill involved in producing them.

This one is in a square and from what we could work out it is the equivalent of our town hall.  The bikes are everywhere, you really do take your life in your hands in them, although I have to say we never saw one accident with them, they are very good with the brakes!

 This is part of the frontage of the building.  I can’t imagine the number of stone masons involved in producing all these figures and decorations, it is superb.

AB StellaLeuven is also the home of this, which I have to say tastes a whole lot better there than here.  They have a pride in what they produce at the bar and it has to be just so before they let you have it.  But when you get it,…….. let just say I sampled a few to make sure they were all the same.  And they were 🙂 🙂  We went on a tour round the brewery and it was fascinating.  You would not believe how many beers they produce and how much.  I know you have a few out there that are your favourites and they are all produced here.  They have bought out a number of other breweries but kept the names so you probably don’t realize.  They ship out to most countries by the thousands of gallons.  I did ask the guide if it was a bit like working in a shop full of chocolate or food, you know – you see it all day and get sick of it and by the time it comes to making tea your really not hungry or can’t be bothered, – but apparently not.  Happy days.

 Then we went to Belgium for the day, another beautiful city where we had to buy the obligatory chocolates and we found some friends sat enjoying this little lot!  They are sold as a sample selection of the beers available and the flavours.  One of them is cherry flavoured!  Not my idea of fun, but we thought it would be rude not to join them so we did.  My friend had the cherry one, (you can just see her hand – shes trying to give up the weed) and we shared the rest.  They were very nice.

Now its back home and back into the daily grind of washing, cleaning, etc.  And back to work of course.  I know I said I was going to do a large one when I got back, but decided to get one out of the box that has been there a little while and finish it of as it was only small so on it went.

And off it came.  I hope you can see it ok.  The binding is now on and ready to be stitched down at the back.  The big one will be on next, or that’s the plan at the moment.  I did start making another one yesterday using a new template I bought at the last show.  Its black, red and white and not sure how it will look, but we will see.  I love experimenting, and making the top is only half of it as the quilting can really make a quilt that is so so into something that’s a bit wow.  Will keep you updated.  Take care out there.

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