The majority have spoken

Thank you to those that got back to me about yesterdays post, and the decision was…..   Black.
So  when I got in this morning I starting cutting out the black squares to go with the batiks and stripped them together.  I didn’t want to make a huge quilt so decided to do four rows of ten coloured squares.

After laying out and judging what distances I wanted between the rows I decided to have two different size panels, one twice as large as the others.  So the first of the larger panels  made two of the rows look like this.

And then I made another one just the same and put a thinner panel between the two and got this.

And after adding two more panels to the side, and the same to the top and bottom it’s finished and ready for quilting.

What do you think?

Simple but effective I think.

The next question is how do you think I should quilt it???  I have a couple of ideas but I am interested to find out what you think.  Let me know.

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