Well its been some time but I thought I had better get back to my sons quilt, which if you remember I started a couple of months ago.  For various reasons I hadn’t been able to work on it, but today I thought I would get back to it.  So I started sewing all those pesky bias seams again, to make all these whirly bits.

It had to have loads of pins in it and I have got some really great, very sharp glass head pins.  How do I know they are very sharp? well I have the holes in my fingers to prove it.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I sew, I always manage to stab myself with the pins at least three or four times. every time.  But today was particularly prickly, thankfully though I never drew blood once.

Some time later it looks I have managed to complete the center of this baby and all it needs now is the three borders and then it can go onto the frame and be quilted.

I don’t think my son realizes how big this is going to be though, it ends up about 96″ x 96″ and he wants it for his single bed.  Although he did say he was going to take it with him when he eventually leaves home so that he can have it on the double bed he says he will have, so I guess this is forward planning on his part.

Tomorrow after the borders, I have a fun little dog quilt to finish and I have three sample quilts to do for the shops that have agreed to promote my services to their customers when they go into the stores looking for a longarm quilter.  So, loads to do, better go and get some sleep, gonna be busy these next few days.

Will post pictures of the swirly thingummy tomorrow.

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