Well the borders are on and now its ready for quilting, which won’t be until after next week when I’ve been to the Festival of quilts as I need to collect a batch of threads, one of which will be for this quilt.

I am going to use the Superior Rainbows Zebra thread.  Its one of more than 20 that I have on order both for future projects that I have planned and the rest will be put into stock ready and waiting with the others.
 Its funny how you can have stacks and stacks of threads but never quite the right colour.  I have hundreds of reels of embroidery thread, quilting thread and sewing thread, but sometimes, just not the right colour.  Do you find that too?  On the plus side it means you have to visit the local quilting or sewing shop to get the right one, and you never know what you might find that you desperately need to buy there and then.  Well I do anyway 😉

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