Custom Quilting

Today I thought I would share with you the last of the Charity quilts that I am doing this year.  Every 12 months I will do a maximum of 4 Charity quilts where I either donate not only my time, but also my threads and sometimes the wadding and backing.  Some time ago I rescued a top at a Linus day that was destined to be given all over quilting, but it was much too nice for this.  So I brought it back with me and decided to do custom quilting on it in order to bring out the full beauty of it. It is a large quilt and had obviously had a lot of time spent on it, and other than the fact that I had to finish off a bit of hand applique work, it was ready to recieve its backing and wadding and a lot of time to make the most of it. Here you can see it just before it is loaded onto the frame. Charity quilt I tried out a few  different patterns before I set to work in order to decide which group of designs I prefered and then got it loaded up and set to work.  I wanted to copy the flower design around the outside edge in the corners to tie it all together and here you can see where I have drawn this out on the first corner. Corner design  First of all it was completely ‘stitched in the ditch’ so that I could work backwards and forwards as much as I needed to and without having to turn it to complete the borders.  After that I set too with the quilting designs and started to fill in all the different blocks. Once the centre panels were completed I moved onto the corners and the copies of the central flowers.  Here you can see it part finished. Corner design This is a shot of one of the panels. panel This is a shot of the back so that you can see exactly what I have been doing. back   And here it is ready to be shipped back to be auctioned or raffled in order to raise funds. finished finished I hope you like it, it is a bit of a favourite of mine I have to admit. Next time I will post you some of the customer quilts I have done recently. Until then, take care and keep on quilting.  

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