Duck egg blue

Yesterday I told you about a lovely little quilt that was headed for the frame today, well here it is.
It is a beautiful duck egg blue and browns that really complement each other.  I am using a variegated Superior thread which runs like a dream, and a cream bottom line that is almost invisible on the backing fabric it is such a good match.  The customer doesn’t want it heavily quilted so I am trying to keep it light but with elements of interest as well.  I will post a photo of it when its completed tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I am taking delivery of a traditional quilt and will let you see that one later on.

Tonight is trick or treat night, but I was late in and I think I must have missed them all coming to the door as the bell hasn’t gone once!  Oh well, no doubt they will catch me when they come carol singing in a few weeks time. 

I have ordered a lot of new rulers which a good friend is bring back from the Houston show for me, so really looking forward to playing with those when they arrive.  I will let you see them when they arrive.  Until tomorrow…

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