It’s been a while

It’s been a short while since I last posted on here so I thought it was about time I got back to you.  It’s been a bit busy at home what with one thing and another, but at the weekend I went with three others to a store in Leicester and bought a load more fabric.  Yes yes I know, I already have enough to open up a shop myself, but its coming up to Christmas (OMG) and I needed to get some in ready to make a head start and hopefully get ahead of the game .  
Hot news off the press, I have been approached and asked if I would consider doing a set of teaching sessions in my local area, both for beginners patchwork and sewing.  Of course I have said yes, so just waiting to hear from them as to when they want them and where as there might be two area, which means ,ore teaching, but that fine.  I love it.  It’s great when you see the sense of achievement on the face of someone who thought it was impossible for them to get it right.  It gives me such a buzz.

I thought you might like to see how far I have got with the black one.  My quilting time has been very sporadic but its nearly there.  It now needs just the top and bottom borders finishing, so it’s off the machine, trimmed and ready for putting back on to do them tomorrow.  
Not the best of shots I know as I am standing on tip toes and holding the camera above my head to try and get it all in, (failed) but you get the idea.  The main area is a stencil that is then surrounded by about 25,000 pebbles.  Yes, sad I know, but I was curious as I said before,and worked it out.  This one is not for any particular purpose other than me playing and getting used to the machine.  It will however go up on the wall when it’s finished so that customers can see what can be done on theirs.  

Next one up should be this one. So will keep you in the loop when it’s started.  
In the meantime, stay happy….

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