I’m pebble dashed….

I am seeing spots before my eyes tonight.  I started doing all the pebbles on the black quilt last Thursday and went to the sewing class on Friday and decided to take the bank holiday Monday off as most of the rest of the country was doing. So today I went back to the pebbles with a renewed vigour after the long weekend, and managed to finish off the first row.

I am really quite pleased with how its looking so far.

Being a glutten for punishment however I carried on and started the second row.

This is where I got to before I decided it was time to stop.  I still needed to go to the supermarket and get the evening meal.

Now I have to say that sometimes I can be a bit of a sad muppet and out of interest I started counting the number of pebbles within a given area as I was doing them.  I have worked out that when I have finished all these pebbles I will have done around 25,000 of the little beauties.  No wonder I have spots in front of my eyes now. 🙂

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