Q – Why do I need to make sure the backing is bigger than the front? – A – This gives plenty of room to load the backing onto the frame and allow the use of clamps at the side to keep it square.
Q  – Do I have to send you the wadding as that makes a large parcel to send through the post? A – No I have a selection of wadding that can be used, just send me the top and the backing.
Q -I don’t know much about long arm quilting, what designs can you do? A – The options really are limitless.  You can find a PDF link at the bottom of this page that will give you just a sample of the designs available.  The best thing to do is contact me and it can all be explained and discussed. I will send you design options until you are happy and only then will your quilt be started 
Q – Do I need to bring you the threads to use. A – No, I have lots of threads that can be used from very fine ones to metalic.