How Long? Oh My…

Cappuccino Dreams

Oh my goodness, has it really been so long since I last posted on here.  My how time does fly.  It has been very busy here what with one thing and another, and somehow I just didn’t manage to keep you all up to date.  But I promise to try harder from now on.  In  fact that should be my New Years Resolution for 2016.

Over the next few posts I will try and bring you up to date with some of the lovely customer quilts I have been working on together with a few of the projects I have been doing myself.  I will also take you through the process of putting together my last multi award winning quilt ‘Cappuccino Dreams’.  I will try and take you through the designing and quilting process, my thoughts behind some of the decision, and including some of the trials and tribulations that came up.

Cappuccino Dreams

Cappuccino Dreams

I will also take you through the processes involved for the next competition quilt.  Hopefully this one will also win a few awards, but you never can tell in this game, there are always surprises and you learn very early on never to hold your breath or expect anyting as it all comes down to the likes and dislikes of the judges of the day.

I also want to add a few more videos showing just how some of the things we do on the Longarm are achieved and try and dispel the myth that just because it is done by computer doesn’t mean to say it is easy.

By the way, none of Cappuccino Dreams was done with the aid of the computer, it is all freehand.  You will see just how much work went into it over the next few posts, but just to give you an idea, the outer border of this quilt (which is 95″ x 95″) took a day to mark out, just over three days to quilt and there are over 1.5 million stitches in it, yes million.  That’s a lot of micro quilting as well as loads of feathers.  Still, it took 5 awards so all in all I am pretty pleased with it.

Cappuccino Dreams

Cappuccino Dreams

blue ribbons                       blue ribbons1


There was also another award winning quilt I produced which is totally different to this one, and I will cover that one later.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that I have also moved into a new larger studio, which wasn’t too far away from the old one, actually, its the unit next door ha ha.  But it is twice the size and I will soon be able to hold my own classes there.

I intend to start holding piecing classes for beginners and intermediates and I will also be holding private longarm quilting lessons when requested.  I will also still be holding lessons for beginners to advanced longarm quilting at the Cotton Patch in Birmingham and attending shows with them as well this year, including the Festival of Quilts.

And on top of all that I will still be having the most beautiful seam rippers produced and I am looking at having matching stiletto’s made, or maybe make them double ended.  I am currently looking into the costing of this so keep an eye out for them.

So, here is to another productive, fun filled year of stitching and quilting, and sharing both the good and the not so good as well as the awkward to sort out.

See you again soon. xx




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